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The Importance of Having a Well Balanced Boat

Hello there, my name is Joe. Dan and I go way back. We met in high school and became best friends pretty much instantly. Since then we have had too many outdoor "adventures" to list, or even remember. Some of these outings were so bad that even we don't want to remember them. We have hunted everything from bear to grouse and pretty much everything in between. If it swims, we have caught it or at least given it our best effort.

I was just reading through some of the stories that Dan has written and was thinking back to the "good old days" when we were two high school kids with a love for fishing and a severe hatred for school. I couldn't tell you how many times we skipped school to try this lake or that lake. We probably logged more hours on the water those 2 or 3 years than all the other fisherman in our county combined.

When we started, we had inferior rods, clunky reels, minimal lures, a worn out 8' Livingston which was driven through the water by a couple of 2x6's (which I had artisticly carved into oars with my Makita skill saw,) a love for the sport, and all the time in the world. We fished from sun up to sun down every chance we got. Since then we have made a few improvements in our gear, (what i mean is we have so much crap that we usually can't bring it all due to a lack of room.)

I remember one trip we took in particular. We were planning a trip to Silver Lake near castle rock. As usual, we did that last minute scramble to get everything we would need for a weekend trip out of town. We grabbed, a clean change of clothes, 4-5 cases of beer (mainly used for ballast to slow the boat down when using the trolling motor,) a pack of hot dogs that would no doubt go un-eaten, about 10 rods between the two of us (hey you never know,) and enough tackle to make Bass Pro Shops green with envy. Most of the camping supplies would go forgotten or left on purpose to make room for more "ballast". We are all about having a well balanced boat.

By this time we had graduated from the patched together Livingston to a 12' aluminum with a hand opperated trolling motor. As always, when we reached the lake it was pitch dark and pouring rain. We decided to hold off on setting up our tent since it would just get soaked anyways and figured we would go into the local bar so we wouldn't drink up any of our prescious ballast. Once inside the warm, dry bar we located ourself near the pool tables. Low and behold the guy next to me just so happened to be an ammature bass angler and he told us he would take us out on his Skeeter the next day.

He gave us directions to his house and true to his word he took us out. His increadibly hot wife was none too pleased with this because of a little commitment he had made to her. Something to do with a funeral, anyway off we went. I about pissed myself when he whacked the throttle and the boat instantly was on plane and meer seconds later was carting the three of us across the lake at over 70 m.p.h. He showed us some of his favorite spots and told us what to try for lures. We thanked him and told him to appoligize to the Mrs. for us and off we went in our own boat at a slightly slower rate of speed to try our luck.

In the great outdoors you should always be nice to people, you never know what they may do for you someday.

Submitted by Joe ( My best friend ) fishing, hunter extrodinare