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Dan's Sights and Wildlife!

Mt. Rainier

The most memorable outdoor adventure I have ever had was right here on Mt Rainier. I was taking a drive, just to check it out, one day after school. My brother and I had just purchased new fly rods (I know... It was a moment of temporary insanity...) and thought we might try using them on some of the lakes on and near the mountain.

Well we tried with absolutely no tangible success, but there was something so majestic about being on this mighty mountain "wipping the air" (also known as fly fishing to some), as the snow began to fall all around us. After several stops at different lakes to "whip the air" we finally decided that it wouldn't be long before dark and that we should finish off this scenic drive while we could still see.

Near the summit of the mountain I rounded a bend in my Subaru Brat (hey, it got me around in high school) when we spotted a massive herd of Elk. There were several bulls among them, most had the type of antlers that allow them to scratch their butt by simply tilting their head. It was more than we could handle. I had to stop the 'ol Subaru "El Camino" (no offense to you bow ties out there). We jumped out so we could get a better look through our own eyes and not the bug covered windsheild.

The elk that had been grazing on the side of the road scattered throughout the dense forest, so we followed to the edge of the woods. The light all around us was disappearing quickly and looking into the woods it faded to complete darkness. Although we never saw even one of those elk once they hit the woods, we stood there for an hour just looking into the dark abyss and listening to the beautiful sound of these fabulous animals. Somehow, this moment in time, standing there with my brother, was the most spiritual I have ever felt. So much so, that just standing there listening sent a chill through my whole body. I was already a big fan of spending my time in the outdoors, but this one moment sold me on the Washington outdoors for life.