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Info on cougars

Dan's Cougar Hunting advice!

To use hounds or not to use hounds? That is my question. I'm not sure exactly how one is supposed to be very successful hunting cougars without the use of hounds or bait. My only guess is being in the right place at the right time and a whole lot of luck. I have spent most of my life fishing, hunting, camping, and all other sorts of outdoor activities and have seen only a few cougars. So does this mean that cougaars are rare in the wild? Not at all. I have heard that if you have ever been in the wild doing anything at anytime you have been seen by a cougar. Without the use of hounds to hunt these animals their population is exploding which is and will continue to result in fewer and fewer deer and elk numbers. I have tried predator calling, spot and stock, still hunting, and about everything in between within the rights of the law with no success. These animals are sneaky, they are stealthy, and they are hard to spot. Of all the animals in the wild of Washington State the creatures are to be feared perhaps the most. The can sneak up on you, they can stalk you, and they can attack you before you even know they are around. With all predator calling be very careful and weary of these animals. These animals are very strong, extremely fast, and have amazing leaping capabilities. I believe hunting these wild beasts is as primitive and exciting as it can get!