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Dan's Boating Rules!

I can't be on any lake in any boat with out thinking about fishing. This section is devoted to respect of fisherman all over and to drop some lake names that provide for quality boating as well as scenery. Always respect each other's space and your desires to enjoy the outdoors in a manner you choose.

I believe this an important section because I spend so much time on the lake or at the boat ramp that I have a tendancy to get very upset at times with other boaters. You want to enjoy the outdoors as much as I do so know and practice etequitte on the lake and especially at the boat ramp. I could go on and on about the stupidity and ignorance I have witnessed at the boat ramp; instead, I will share but one event:

I had been fishing all day long for lunker largemouth bass and had decided that it was time to call it a day. So I put all my gear away, pulled up the trolling motor, fired up the outboard, and headed for the ramp. When I arrived at the ramp, many people were around fishing from the shore and enjoying other activities on the water with the kids and pets (I truly love to see this ). The thing that caught me as strange was the mini-van parked on the ramp with a boat trailer in the lake.

I looked around at all those nearby but nobody spoke a word. Finally I asked "Whose van is this?" No one spoke but one man pointed at a boat on the water out crusing around. I sat there for a moment, sure that the people on the boat had seen me return to the ramp in my boat and would arrive shortly to move their van and trailer. But they never did. Finally some one spoke to me... "Maybe you should go chase them down. I'm sure your boat can catch them." I thought on this for a moment and decided the people on the boat were not returning any time soon. So I gave chase.

Ordinarily, I would never, normally, do this as it violates some of my own personal boating etequitte but it was past time for me to get home. I started after the boat; by now it was just stopped in the water. I saw someone on the boat turn and look at my quick aproach, so I slowed and gave a wave with my hand to get their attention. Much to my surprise, they took off on plane. After chasing them around the lake for 5 minutes they finally again stopped and I pulled along next to them.

I asked if that was their van parked on the ramp. Surprised and I believe a little confused thay answered that it was their van. I then kindly asked them if they would return to the ramp and move their van so I could load my boat and go home. Again surprised and seemingly a little annoyed they agreed. I could not believe this! When we returned to the ramp not only was I ready to load but two other people had shown up with thier boats waiting for a chance to get out on the water!