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Dan's Washington Activites


Skagit Speedway

If you are in to exciting dirt track racing check this out. The world of sprint car racing takes place every saturday evening and provides reasonably priced family entertainment. They have races in the "Sportsman Class", the "360's", and the big "410 Class". Come see the thrills, chills, spills and intense rivalries.

Bremerton Raceway

Another great family fun event. Drag racing at it's finest right in Bremerton. No, you won't see Kenny Bernstein or John Force here, but you will find plenty of local talent and competition. With many classes to race in even you can come race your hot rod. So go watch, or go test your skills and horses on the track.

Deming Speedway

If Skagit Speedway doesn't offer all the Sprint Car excitement you can handle then try Deming Speedway. Every Friday night those brave, or CRAZY, enough to want to race these machines can get their start right here at Demming racing the "Mini Sprints".

Logger Rodeo Information

O.K. So my neck is a little red. If you want to see a chainsaw driven by a Mazda rotary engine saw through a log 36 inches thick in 3 seconds, or a chainsaw powered by a 650cc motorcycle engine perform similar feats these logging rodeos are a must see. There are plenty of other events worth watching as well but in my opinion nothing can outdo theese massive chainsaws.

The Olympic Game Farm

Located in Sequim, WA on the Olympic Penninsula, this underrated attraction is exciting for every age! A drive through safari where you can feed Grizzlies, Black Bear, Yaks and Buffalo! The walk-through tour gets you close up to exotic animals like Tigers and Lions! Not to mention the farm's past link to Walt Disney! Do not to skip this attraction! The Olympic Game Farm makes a great day trip! Be aware of certain dangers you may be exposed to on this one. If you have any alergies to Yak spit be very cautious here. I also recommend taking that old beater hunting truck on the drive through portion as the Buffalo tend to get upset if they think you are not feeding them enough. This is a very reasonably priced fun filled day. The Game Farm sells old bread at very low rates. Check out the old doughnuts for sale if you want to see something extra special from the Grizzlies.

The Drive In

That's right the good 'ol days are still around. If you want to go enjoy a movie, or your sweetheart, in the comfort of your own car then check this out. There are also go carts to race and plenty of arcade games for the kids. Located just south of Oak Harbor, the drive-in is now open seven nights a week. For prices and viewing information, call (360)675-5667.

White-water Rafting

Go have an oustanding time braving the rapids and enjoying all the great wild scenery Washington has to offer. Alpine adventures have guided trips on many major rivers in Washington state ranging from the mild "class-1" rapids to the wild "class-5" rapids. All gear and training is provided so all you need to provide is your willingness for adventure and a little muscle power to paddle the rafts.